O-Wow Oishi

When was the last time you got surprised? Like really surprised?!

Well, I honestly can’t remember the last time it happened to me, but when I watched this video, I couldn’t stop laughing! Oishi and Team O members Ramon Bautista, Elmo Magalona, and Slater Young really pulled a fast one on the young students from Intramuros and Luneta area when they surprised them with Oishi snacks aboard a special “O” jeep. These three celebrities were pretty good in disguising themselves too, the students had no idea who they were with!

My favorite part was, of course, the big reveal! The reactions of the passengers were priceless! I have to say, Oishi and Team O’s goal: to make people say, “O, Wow!” was pretty successful.

Ramon Bautista recalled the positive reactions of students who looked like they just came from a difficult exam. “Natuwa talaga ako nung napa-O Wow namin yung…

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